Library and Information Services

Our operating year was full of development, experiments and renewal. With our actions, we made sure that we can provide high-quality services also in the future.

We implemented a new library system jointly with the Laurea and Metropolia libraries. Concurrently, we linked the printed collections of 15 campus libraries to a shared database. Our customers can now access the services and materials provided by the libraries by using just one library card.

We improved the availability of customer service by implementing a chatbot that answers the most common questions concerning the library’s services 24/7. We piloted Iris.ai, a tool based on artificial intelligence that facilitates and accelerates access to scientific data.

We were active in the development of the open RDI activities in, among others, the “Ammattikorkeakoulujen avoin TKI-toiminta, oppiminen & innovaatioekosysteemi” project on the RDI activities, learning and innovation ecosystem of universities of applied sciences.