Digi Business

For the Digi Business unit, last year was characterised by powerful development. We contributed to building a future of opportunities both in degree education and in continuous learning.

The changing competence needs of workplaces transform our study offering as well. In particular, different forms of artificial intelligence solutions are creating new competence requirements at an accelerating pace. We implemented the Basics of AI course in cooperation with Microsoft and its partner companies for the first time. The implementation successfully brought together companies needing skilled personnel and the students. 

Our offering also reflected the increase in the importance of continuous learning. Digitekijä Fast Track (3AMK cooperation) and Urheilujournalismi sport journalism, our first specialisation programmes worth 30 credits, received positive feedback. We launched the implementation of the AMKoodari programme jointly with five universities of applied sciences. The goal of the programme is to expand the programming competence of citizens and to develop continuous learning guidance in part through artificial intelligence. The interest in our learning paths has been enormous, and it has been particularly noteworthy that women have activated in learning programming skills. 

The new, multicultural talents of the Finland of the future were among our key targets: We have provided journalism education for people with immigrant backgrounds and produced courses on employment-specific Finnish language skills for immigrants in the “Yritystä uralle” project. Our aim is to open hearts through language and do our part to help skilled professionals this country needs to adjust to life in the Finnish society.  

Our students assisted the secretary of Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU in all of the meetings of ministers and some of the meetings of officials. We also worked together with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in the two-day “Stronger together – Eastern partnership media conference” event.  


Digi business, graduates 2019

Journalism students conducted fact-checking during the European Parliament elections

Students of Haaga-Helia’s degree programme in journalism fact-checked statements made by the media and candidates during the European Parliament elections as part of the Eufactcheck.eu project of 20 journalism education programmes in Europe. The objective of the project was to prevent the dissemination of misinformation during the EU election campaign, promote public discussion based on facts and support the media literacy of and interest in common issues of Europeans of all ages.

Successful launch of the virtual First Half module

Haaga-Helia built the virtual First Half module, aimed at international degree students who pay tuition fees, in a team of 15 experts. The goal is to enable the students to start their degree studies in their home countries, should the official processing by the Finnish Immigration Service hinder the regular start of the studies in Finland. In the future, the First Half module will be used more extensively.

Study coaching targeting City of Helsinki personnel exceeded expectations

Haaga-Helia organised a study coaching module of 60 credits for the IT personnel of the City of Helsinki. The 25 students who attended the coaching represented five City of Helsinki sectors. The majority of the students gave the coaching a very good or excellent score. The coaching developed the attendees’ competence and increased trust in their own skills, and the group was highly motivated. Study coaching is an example of successful continuous learning.