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Research, Development and Innovation Operations and Services

The year was a theme year for RDI impact development at Haaga-Helia. We strengthened the profiling and focus of our RDI work on our areas of research.

During our operational year, we focused on three wider RDI operation development projects in particular, the goal of which was to increase our RDI volume, culture and competence. First, we developed the transparency and participation of our RDI operations; second, we increased the usage of labs that are research and learning environments at Haaga-Helia; and third, we built a base for successful international funding applications. 

We furthered transparency and participation by, for example, encouraging our staff to do project work as a form of learning at work, by increasing the share of RDI in work plans and by building the Haaga-Helia Fellows expert network. We strengthened the base for international funding by identifying desired partners and by building RDI-based cooperative relationships towards international partners, among other ways. We also created a set of indicators for the societal impact of our RDI projects, and operating methods for furthering and monitoring it.  

At Haaga-Helia StartUp School, we focused our course provision on teaching about, and supporting, the starting up and development of business operations. We widened our course provision to be virtual and open also in the open UAS. We created the Dynamo Entrepreneurship Programme for the highly-educated and we developed the joint Entrepreneurship Society programme in the 3UAS network formed by Haaga-Helia, Metropolia and Laurea universities of applied sciences.  

The year’s theme was entrepreneurship. This could be seen in, for example, the Haaga-Helia Business Innovation Conference (HHBIC2020), held for the first time in November. 

In Master’s Degree programmes, we established operations in accordance with the new curriculum, which emphasises the freedom of choice of students. We successfully experimented with a new thesis group guidance model, which is based on a clear schedule. A record number of students graduated from our programmes. 


HHBIC 2020 - Entrepreneurship for a better future

In November, Haaga-Helia organised the international Business Innovation Conference 2020 (HHBIC) event, which had the theme “Entrepreneurship for a better future”. The keynote speakers were Taru Pilvi, Innovation Director at Tampere University, and Paul Jones, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Swansea University. HHBIC, which combined applied research and entrepreneurship, offered its participants a unique opportunity for networking with international researchers. All in all, the conference brought together about 70 entrepreneurship experts and researchers from around the globe. At the same time, the event served as a platform for publishing the latest research on entrepreneurship.  

The development work of the pan-European Ulysseus European University has started

At the end of the year, Haaga-Helia, together with six other universities, started the development of the common Ulysseus European University. The goal of the common university is to create a pan-European campus, where students and university staff as well as businesses and local operators can learn, research and develop new kinds of innovations and increase employment. Ulysseus operates on a digital and regional campus, which includes research centres, business incubators, living labs, open classrooms and a digital platform for the interaction of the entire community. For all this, the project will create six HUBs – one in each of the participating cities. Haaga-Helia will be home to the HUB concentrating on AI. 

The Dynamo entrepreneurship programme offers support and networks for entrepreneurship

During the year, a completely new Dynamo entrepreneurship programme was prepared for highly-educated agents of change. In the programme, the participants will receive guidance, coaching and mentoring from each other and seasoned entrepreneurial experts for furthering their own business idea, business operation or development project. During the free-of-charge programme, which lasts five years, latest entrepreneurial research results are applied to one’s own work or business operations using the internationally acclaimed Haaga-Helia Work and Study model. Thanks to the part-time nature of the programme, participants can directly apply the knowledge gathered from Dynamo in their working life.  



Continuous projects 71 

New projects 27 

New project applications 109 

Total volume of projects 3,8 M€ 



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