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Marketing and Communication Services

We renewed the Haaga-Helia website, which was implemented in November 2020. When creating the new website, we paid special attention to being able to serve all of our various focus groups as well as possible. The cornerstones of the update were continuous learning, user-friendliness, accessibility and responsiveness. 

We also updated the application marketing campaign during 2020. There were a record number of applicants for Haaga-Helia programmes and the number of applicants increased by more than 30%. The most popular application targets were the business, sports instructor and IT programmes. 

In addition, Haaga-Helians produced a total of 810 publications. The number of publications was greater than ever. Most of the publications were published on the Haaga-Helia publishing platform eSignals. Haaga-Helians also publish often in various vocational publications.   

Due to the pandemic, we communicated extensively with students, staff, stakeholders and the media. Information is communicated to students using e-mails, the COVID-19 info pages of our intranet as well as social media.