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Library and Information Services

During the coronavirus pandemic, we strove to ensure library services and the availability of materials, including through the web. We increased our selection of e-books and updated our chat service. We also added new digital service modules to our web counselling services and implemented the mobile library card in the Tuudo application. 

We took part in the education reform of Haaga-Helia, for example by compiling core competences that were common to all. We renewed the library website as part of the Haaga-Helia.fi website update and also updated our library system to the international community version. In addition, we researched the glossaries of our publications using network analysis.  

We investigated the effectiveness of our operations and customer satisfaction using the national UAS user survey. Our customers were satisfied with the services they received and the services were seen as extremely important. 

Also, during the operational year, the Vierumäki campus library moved to new facilities.