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ICT services and quality

Our operations were developed on the basis of the recommendations and the development plan we received from the quality system audit. We also made a progress report about the implementation of the results of the previous audit.

We successfully carried out a THE-ICE accreditation virtual audit visit together with the Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management degree programme. We implemented a new study feedback system and continued developing the student survey. We piloted and implemented an equality survey for students. 

We participated in numerous internal development projects supporting our strategy and organisation, as well as in modelling new operating methods and related support processes. We implemented new management report views and statistics to support operational planning. We renewed the quality portal depicting our quality and management system.  

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, students and staff began working remotely, which is why we increased the number of virtual workstations and updated our data transmission infrastructure and system capacities. In addition, we implemented new identification services, updated guidelines and increased device training. We also created technical means for providing electronic services to stakeholders. In addition, we updated and renewed our learning platform and the Exam system used for taking exams electronically. 

We implemented a new system for managing IT support and service requests, which offers end users an even better service portal. The system change coordination group (CAB), which operates across units, held regular meetings. It takes care of, for example, proactive communication about system version updates and maintenance breaks. For system development and maintenance, we increased the use of agile methods (Scrum) and their supporting tools.   

We upgraded AV technology on all of our campuses. We developed operating models for the AV setups of events and got reinforcements for AV support and event production from our in-house company.