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Student union Helga

The year 2020 was exceptional.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we cancelled all of our events from March onwards. We were able to organise some events using alternative methods and remotely in a safe way. Special thanks go to our tutors, who were able to build a sense of community under these exceptional circumstances. 

The time that was freed up was used to develop our organisation, as well as to innovate and renew. We developed our range of services using service design methods. We fine-tuned methods and streamlined processes. We updated our guideline documents. 

We served students through a digital service channel and took steps towards a digital student union. We made decisions that enable digital participation in decision-making and a new kind of member democracy in the future. 

We implemented the student union questionnaire about remote studies. The technical side was considered to be working well. The most worrying observation was related to how well the students were coping, which was put to the test. We produced versatile web content together with our partners to further the wellbeing of the students. 

We focused on the advocacy and influence of the Haaga-Helia students. We actively participated in the internal development of not only the university but also our national umbrella organisations. We commented on various materials, participated in societal discussions and met remotely with decision-makers. We prepared for the Finnish Student Health Service’s inclusion of UAS students. We also prepared for the 2021 municipal elections this spring by renewing our urban policy programme based on the information that was gathered from the Opiskelijan kaupunki (Student's City) research.