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Quality and other resource planning services

The organisational units’ joint quality team assessed the quality system as a whole, the quality portal and quality-related communications, and we used the assessment as a basis for developing these activities. A separate quality team was established on the Porvoo campus as a pilot.

We continued communications concerning the quality work and participated in numerous internal development projects supporting Haaga-Helia’s strategy as well as in modelling new operating methods and related support processes. In cooperation with different units, we prepared a quality manual for education export, a new model for the PALKE survey for service development, and a model of social impact. We also started reparing for the international EPAS accreditation of the quality of education and research in business and management programmes.

We renewed our resource planning and implemented the Peppi system services and related new monitoring views and analytics tools to support reporting. Our data protection officer implemented changes required by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.


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