Helga kapea

Student Union Helga

Our vision is to provide our members with Finland’s largest student organisation and the most extensive services for students through an easy-to-use digital service channel together with the other student unions in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

During the year, we implemented new shared information systems to address the challenges and changed needs brought on by the digital era. The CRM member register offers a more customised service experience in compliance with the requirements of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Our webstore offers a convenient way to join the student union or purchase products or event tickets regardless of one’s location. In the autumn, we worked on the digital Slice member ID, which provides opportunities for a new kind of service provision and diverse, locally available student benefits.

We participated in the establishment of the World Student Capital Association, which represents the 100,000 higher education students in the Helsinki metropolitan area. We continue the legacy of the networked cooperation in local and regional student advocacy. The voter activity in the representative council election continued to grow and reached 27.98 per cent in the autumn.

In the spring semester, our membership broke a record and exceeded 5,200 members. We maintained our position as the third largest student union in Finland. In the autumn, we introduced a new membership model which enabled members to access the events and services of five other student unions. We included the Zone sports services in the student union membership and continuously developed a variety of service modules with our partners.

We promoted a sense of community by reviving the club activities and diversified the student culture by  producing the first season of the Helga Speksi student play. This is the second play of its kind produced in the university of applied sciences setting.

We set our sights to the 2019 election spring by organising a series of seminars on current issues in the EU with the Eurooppanuoret association.


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