Marketing and communication services

Haaga-Helia has an excellent reputation among its corporate customers and partners, according to the corporate image survey conducted by T-Media Oy in December 2017. According to the survey, Haaga-Helia’s strengths are in the fields of management and administration. Haaga-Helia is considered to be managed well and in a goal-oriented manner, and its operations are found to be open and transparent.

Among young people, Haaga-Helia is the best-known university of applied sciences in Finland and the second most interesting. This was indicated in the Korkeakoulujen imago 2017 survey conducted by Taloustutkimus on the image of universities of applied sciences in May 2017. The survey focused on how well-known and interesting Finnish universities of applied sciences are considered to be and on a variety of factors affecting their image. According to the young, Haaga-Helia’s strengths include positive visibility on the media, good presence on social media, and international contacts.

We overhauled Haaga-Helia’s website in summer 2017. The objective of the new website was to make Haaga-Helia’s education and service offering easier to access on the site.

Our publishing activities continued to grow. We released 14 publications in the Haaga-Helia series, and the total number of our publications was 325. In order to improve the visibility of the publishing activities in our core competence areas, we developed our e-Signals publishing platform during the year and used it to collect source information on publications produced by Haaga-Helia’s experts for the past six years.