Quality and resource planning services

The main event in 2017 was the international audit of the quality system of our academic community. We coordinated the audit preparations and strongly involved the entire academic community in the arrangements for the audit visit. The input of students, in particular, was significant in the project. We passed the audit and received a quality certificate for six years.

Based on the quality system audit report, we compiled a scheduled plan with designated responsibility areas in order to implement the development recommendations. We incorporated the monitoring of the development measures with the annual preparation of our action and finance plan. The joint quality team composed of representatives of the organisational units started its operations.

We continued communications concerning the quality work and participated in numerous internal development projects supporting Haaga-Helia’s strategy as well as in modelling new operating methods and related support processes. As part of the continuous development, we assessed the functioning of our feedback systems and outlined related development needs. We drew up a plan to reform the system for providing course feedback.

We implemented new monitoring views and analytics tools to support Business Intelligence. We overhauled Haaga-Helia’s statistics portal. We also made preparations in resource planning support for the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and hired an information security manager. Within the 3UAS cooperation, we were in charge of drawing up a support service report as required in the development obligation together with representatives of Laurea and Metropolia.